A New and Better Now

For anyone who survives a heart event – such as a heart attack or heart surgery – physical healing is just the beginning.

I know because I’ve been there.

After my quadruple-bypass surgery in 2015, I began to question who I was before the surgery, who I was afterwards, and who I wanted to become moving forward. Along the way, I encountered a wide range of unexpected emotions, including fear, guilt, anger, and confusion around my purpose in life. And I discovered a simple secret for not just managing the journey, but actually thriving through the process: Gratitude.

My new book – A New and Better Now – demonstrates how gratitude is more than just something we feel. It is a method for flourishing in the journey of heart healing and emerging as a better-than-ever version of ourselves.

Please take a look at the book on Amazon (link below) and / or share this information with someone who might have a need.

Thank you and be well.